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Cats are like greatness: Some people are born into cat-loving families, some achieve cats, and some have cats thrust upon them.

William H. A. Carr
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Getting a cat is a greater commitment than getting married
Seymour and Paula Chwast
Our Hunk Chris
Chris' favorite quote:
"Men have forgotten this truth,"
said the fox.
"But you must not forget it.
You become responsible, forever,
for what you have tamed."

The Little Prince
Antoine de Saint Exupéry
Christopher's Personal Page
Christopher's Pedigree
Name: Christopher Big Joy
DOB: September 8, 2002
breed: British Shorthair
  Blood Type A
Color: Lilac
Gender: Male
breeder: Boris Volovik
of Origin:
Boreal British Shorthair
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Happy Retirement
Thank you Lord for giving me the best friend for life! Thank you Lord for letting me meet Shirley, this kind, loving and caring person, who loves me, takes care of me, nourishes me, plays with me. Thank you Lord of all living creatures for your love and protection!
Christopher Lilac british Shorthair
Kissik enjoying his retirement

Cat Prayer

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray this cushy life to keep.
I pray for toys that look like mice,
And sofa cushions, soft and nice.
I pray for gourmet kitty snacks,
And someone nice to scratch my back,
For window sills all warm and bright,
For shadows to explore at night.
I pray I'll always stay real cool
And keep the secret feline rule
To never tell a human that
The world is really ruled by cats.

Kissik's birthday
Sweet life with Shirley
Neo and Natalie
Kissik's new beginnings
Kissik lilac british Shorthair Cat
What can be better than love and be loved!
We are very pleased to receive Shirley's updates. Christopher-Kissik is a great representative of the British Cats and we are so happy see the growing numbers of admires of this amazing breed.

This is what Shirley wrote to Boreal Cattery:

.... He has become such an important part of
my life and his antics continue to amuse me on a daily
basis. He is so sweet and it is the first cat I have felt really
comfortable with as I don't see any signs of aggression in him at all (even
when holding him down to clip his nails - which he really dislikes).

He has a quiet confidence about him that is so soothing for me.
Yet he can play with the best of them.
He is generally very quiet but occasionally gets
very vocal if I go downstairs and he is looking for me.
He is very much a cat who loves his routines including mealtime and playtime.

My friends are amused by how patient he is
as he will scratch on his cat house and then sit and wait quietly for his
treat. Oh how I wish he would like to be held cause I would love to cuddle
him, but he still prefers to nuzzle my head or lay down beside me instead
and I respect that he is being the cat he was bred to be....
My Pride and Joy
 Lilac british Shorthair Kitten Maggie
Three Lilac british Shorthair Kittens
Top photo from left to right: SMOKEY BEAR, AMbrOSE and SEBASTIAN
On the left photos from top to bottom: MAGGIE, ELLA, REILLY
These are the photos of the babies Paula and I had together. Our little beauties Maggie, Ella, Reilly, Smokey Bear, Ambrose and Sebastian.

Lilac is a very rare colour in British Shorthair cats because lilac colour is associated to recessive gene. Thankfully Paula is lilac also...

A little while ago the cattery received a letter from Ann, in Superior Minnesota, the lady who adopted Reilly.

"He was quite a celebrity at the veterinarian clinic - no one there had ever seen a British Shorthair before, although they had heard of the brits.

Several female veterinary assistants came in to see him and handle him and tell him how beautiful he is - they all commented on his lilac color and his eyes.

The woman vet came in and she was also fussing over him, telling him how beautiful he is, etc. and then he was taken into the back office by another assistant to show the other vets and the office staff."
I'm so proud of little Reilly! I wish him a long happy life with his new family.

Maggie and Ella are doing great too, they were adopted together and now live with Karon and Dave.

Ambrose and Sebastian too have been adopted together and are moving to Moose Jaw with Vivian and Ron.

My boy Smokey Bear will be moving to Ohio with Russell and Cyndie.

Paula and I are very proud and love every one of our babies. We wish them and their new families the best.

Christopher's Story
Not all is great at the Cattery, before I moved in a young kid from Australia had already moved in and made himself right at home.Christopher Lilac british Shorthair

All the blue girls go gaga over him, Kissik
I don't understand he is cute and has a body like a Greek God. I'm older, smarter and I recently started working out.

If I get my claws on him I'll show him a few moves, he'll remember.

He may be a show boy travels to all sort of places, Me I like to stay home and take care of business if you know what I mean.


You may wonder how a boy born in Israel get to be a cattery stud in Toronto Canada. Flag of Israel

Well, it all started when my former mom Marina decided to move from Israel to Canada and took me along, I just loved it until the cold and snow.

What is that all about anyway, I love sunshine and clear blue sky. Anyway I got used to it, Marina got a job and soon got married.


I felt very lonely, it seemed like she only had eyes for him, I was missing the attention and the play time we had together. I guess she could see it because after a few years she decided to adopt a friend for me.

That's when my buddy Neo moved in. We were the best of palls, when ever everybody would be at work we had the house to ourselves. We figured out how to push on the remote and turn on the TV and how to open the bag of treats. We had a great time together.
Neo is playing cute
he thinks it is funny
Neo and Natalie
I miss so much Neo's smile
European Burmesse Neo
My body Neo at Boreal
I don't know what happened but one day dad decided to live somewhere else.

Yippee, I thought we got mom all to ourselves.
Christoper Big Joy
Neo at Ann's -
handsome fella
Unfortunately one thing led to another and mom decided to return to Israel. I was already feeling the warm sun and the gentle breeze on my body, Neo and I were ready for the trip, I told him about Israel and we couldn't wait.

Well imagine our surprise when Guy and Natalie came over to see us and were talking about the cattery and since I wasn't neutered I could be a stud.
Neo at Ann's - patiently
waiting for pigeons

My heart was broken, I couldn't believe that Mom would leave us in Canada. My buddy Neo didn't mind at all he loves everybody.

Neo made himself right at home with all the blue cats. He soon found himself at the hospital and returned without his package, if you know what I mean. Since then Neo moved on to a new home downtown Toronto with Anne; he now has a great home with big windows to watch the birds.

He wrote one day and said he was very happy, but still missed me. I miss him very much too.
Chrissic at Marinas place
This photo was taken by my
first Mom soon after we
arrived in Canada
Kissik and Neo at Marinas
Here we are Neo and I cuddling together
Me, I was introduced to a few of the girls, but the one I like the most is Paula, we soon became a couple and even if the blue girls make passes at me I stay true to my Paula.

She is the greatest and has adopted many kittens in the past from less than perfect new moms.

I guess all is well here at Boreal Cattery, everything is as it should be.

We are healthy, have lots of play time and we get to have babies that we are very proud of.

I look forward to someday moving somewhere warm to retire and enjoy life with Paula in a nice country home with people that love and care for us for the rest of our lives and will never leave us behind.
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Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great

GR. INT. Ch. Reeky
Blue Velvet

British Shorthair Blue


Gr. Europe Ch. Genry
Chien, Chat et Moi

British Shorthair Lilac

Bagoas Haricot-Sunny
Europe Champion WCF
Bagoas Haricot-Sunny
British Shorthair Lilac


Ch Filistijan van Diaspora

British Short Hair Black

Ch. Bagoas Jodi-Pokey

British Short Hair Blue

Tuulitassum Lila Deisi

British Shorthair Lilac

Gr. Int. Ch. Provo
van Diaspora

British Shorthair Lilac


S'Nidaslatternas Juventas

British Shorthair BRI n

Pallada Blue Velvet

British Shorthair Blue


World Ch. Paradise
from Velvet Toy

British Shorthair Blue


Bagoas Haricot-Sunny

Europe Champion WCF
Bagoas Haricot-Sunny
British Shorthair Lilac

Ch. Annika v. Blue Lake

British Shorthair BRIgs

Betsy Blanc-Manjer Lady

Gr. Int. Ch. Gregory
Sir Morthlake Lady Cats

British Shorthair Blue

Grethem Write Charm
Velvet Toy


Ch. Julia Cristy Sunflower

British Shorthair Blue


Gr. Int. Ch. Cristobal
Duke Wonderfleur

British Shorthair Lilac


Bluebritish Shorthair Dominik Lurange

Grand International
Champion Arnold
Dominick Lurange
British Shorthair Blue

Bluebritish Shorthair Dominik Lurange

Europe Champion WCF
Bagoas Haricot-Sunny
British Shorthair Lilac
International Champion
Dominick Lady Cats
British Shorthair
Blue Tortie BRIg

Lilac british Shorthair Adquash Cherry Blossom

Grand International Champion
Adquash Cherry Blossom, DM
British Shorthair Lilac

Colorpoint british Shorthair Miskin Bandito

Grand International Champion (GCCF) Misskin Bandito
British Shorthair Colorpoint
Lilac british Shorthair Hoodwing Lilac Maiden

Hoodwink Lilac Maiden
British Shorthair Lilac

Int. Ch. Aurora
Blue Treasure

British Shorthair Blue


Blue british Shorthair Coppins Copperfield

Grand International Champion
Coppins Copperfield, DM
British Shorthair Blue

british Shorthair Abramalin High Flyer

Abramalyn High Flyer
British Shorthair Blue
Coppins Lilliput
British Shorthair Silver
BRI ns23

Blue Royal Treasure Wonderfleur

British Shorthair Blue


NicodemusII Blue Vernisage british Shorthair

World Champion WCF
Nicodermus II
Blue Vernissage
British Shorthair Blue


Blenim Blue Royal Lady british Shorthair

World Champion WCF
Blenim Blue Royal Lady
British Shorthair Blue